I assist businesses globally with their branding needs by creating simple, clear and effective design solutions.

I design logos, websites, identity systems, packaging - all types of visual communication devices for all kinds of clients.

This website contains a selection of my work. If you have an interesting project, I would love to collaborate with you.

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"Kosta is simply a wonderful designer. He has done several jobs for me and I have recommended him for several others. I wouldn't hesitate recommending him again."

Peter T. Davis, President at Frixer Inc, United States

  • Momentum Conference United States

    Momentum is an annual conference in San Francisco which aims to help create positive change for a healthy, just, and vibrant world. The logomark I designed for them is a very simple representation of starting things, giving them a momentum.

    Featured in "Logoliscious", a book about logo design by Harper Collins Publishers

  • The Green Detective United States

    A series of concepts were presented for a TV show whose protagonists inspect one's home in order to determine how "green" it is. The main one, which is shown here, is a combination of magnifying glass, which symbolizes a detective, and the recycling symbol.

  • The Green Detective United States

    Alternative concepts for The Green Detective TV show that were presented to the client.

  • Thiamis United States

    Thiamis is a mini-computer and a modem which gathers data from environmental sensors and transmits it to a server, used by governments and organizations. As Thiamis is also the name of a major river in Greece, the logo represents a river-like data flow.

  • HeliOS United States

    HeliOS is an operating system for Thiamis, helios being the Greek word for sun, and OS an abbreviation for operating system.

  • Medhead properties Spain

    Logo for an online service that lets people easily find or advertise their properties for sale, rental and holiday lets in the Mediterranean.

  • ActionPick United States

    An "AP" monogram, derived from the word "action" which means immediate, responsive, real-time, and up-to-date, and the word "Pick", which is short for the stock picks the company recommends to their clients.

  • Simple Server Monitor United States

    SSM is a server monitoring software. The icon contains several elements, all of which have their meaning: the lines represent a server, the blue circle stands for security and monitoring, and together they form an abstract letter "S" (light blue area).

  • Verde Software United States

    Building software is much like growing a flower :) Thus the name (verde=green), and the symbol, whose abstract leaves form the letter "V".

  • Polyglot United States

    Logo for an iPhone application which enables its users to learn multiple languages simultaneously. Quote marks are forming an abstract PG monogram, and resemble two faces talking with each other as well as one smiling face as a whole.

  • 2D Solutions Serbia

    2D stands for initials of founders of this small software company.

  • 360 Search Concept

    Design for an internet search engine which points out the extensive scope of its coverage.

  • CellSight United States

    CellSight provides software and consulting services for the telecom industry. Their main product, CellApps, is a cell site monitoring suite. The logo stands for security and monitoring (eye focus symbolism).

  • Kahani World United States

    A kid playing, made into a KW monogram. Concept for a producer of videos for children.

    Featured in "Logoliscious", a book about logo design by Harper Collins Publishers

  • Wellness Map Australia

    WellnessMap creates personalized 4-step "maps to wellness" so people can navigate life to achieve optimal health and avoid illness and suffering.

  • Host Your Junk United States

    Colorful bin for an online file storage service aimed primarily at younger population.

  • Tides United States

    Tides is a nonprofit organization working the progressive / values-based / philanthropic / fundraising space. It is comprised of three core identities: Tides Foundation, Tides Center, and Tides Shared Spaces. Tides CEO expressed the desire that the logo reflect the following: Change, Progressiveness, Harmony. (designed while working for Mission Control Media)

  • Influid Creative Australia

    Logo suggesting injection of creativity for a design firm from Melbourne.

  • iPetitions United States

    iPetitions is an online service that allows users to create and sign petitions. The icon, as well as type treatment, are visualizing the tagline "your voice counts", suggesting the simplicity of the process.

  • Omega United States

    Underground club in New York. Lightning bolt symbolizes the energy that the club has, and is incorporated with the Greek letter "Omega".

  • Pinpoint Prints United States

    A man in a pinpoint. Or vice-versa :) The symbol is constructed from two letters "P" which are the initials of the company name.

  • Vectis Technologies Canada

    Vectis invents printing machines. The logo is based on their requests for a corporate look that communicates solidness while keeping a suggestion of a "lever", which is the literal meaning of the company name.

  • Sky Srpska Bosnia & Herzegovina

    Competition entry for identity redesign of the Republika Srpska Airways. An abstract letter "S" is formed by two groups of lines, which represent the air flow, as well as the concept of leaving and coming back.

  • Neutral Monkey United States

    Behind the name Neutral Monkey is Galen Grover, web designer. The logo is a monkey made of zeros, thus neutral.

  • Deji Creative United Kingdom

    A "D" mark for a design agency, suggesting a fresh creative view on design.

  • Omega Sound Concept

    Concept for a sound production company (O + sound waves).

  • Extra Concept

    Offering more for the same price.

  • Serbian Academic Network Serbia

    National competition entry for redesign of AMRES identity. The idea was to create a network out of letters.

  • Kosta Mijic Concept

    Unused concept for my personal logo - a "KM" monogram made of two (actually four) identical shapes.

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